To Music

Word painting of a raw, intense poem by Paul Cummings is the essence of this homage to the miracle of music, which begins: Your harmony invades my being; / my body is captured by the embrace / of a melody that leads me out of dark places.


Te cubrirá

A flowing Spanish setting from Psalm 90 (91): The Lord will overshadow you with his pinions, and you will find refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will encompass you with a shield.


I Think of Thee

This marvelous love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is dynamically dressed with a rich palette of word painting.


Mass Parts

MorningStar - Catalog # MSM-80-304

Agnus Dei

SATB/congregation, organ    [c. 2:30]

This quiet, prayerful English setting for choir with congregational response uses mixed meters to create a timeless flow. Commissioned by Dr. Phil Steinhaus for St. Margaret Mary’s, Lomita, CA.

Excerpt performed by Chorus Angelorum (Dominic MacAller, conductor; Phil Steinhaus, organ]

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OCP Publications – # 30104334

Christmas Mass, A

SATB, organ, opt. trumpet, opt. brass, opt. strings    [c. 4:10, excluding Gloria]

As a follow up to A Christmas Gloria, the movements of this Mass are all based on familiar carols so that the congregation can more easily take part. Included are: Holy, three Acclamations, Amen, and Lamb of God, all using the latest translations of the Roman Missal. Strings for all sections now available from the publisher.

Watch on YouTube: Glory to God, Holy, Holy, and Lamb of God


Performance of "Holy" provided by OCP.

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G.I.A. Publications - Catalog # G-3877

Jubilee Gloria

SATB/congregation, organ, optional trumpet    [c. 3:00]

English setting of the Gloria commissioned by Dr. Phil Steinhaus for the Jubilee celebrations at St. Margaret Mary’s, Lomita, CA

[Excerpt from A Mass of Life, G.I.A. #CD-289.]

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ECS Publishing – Catalog # 5175

Mass For Three-Part Men’s Chorus

TBB, unaccompanied    [c. 8:00]

Composed for and premiered by Paul Salamunovich and the Loyola Marymount Men’s Chorus, this brief setting (in English) is based on a beautiful Epiphany chant and alternates moments of exhilarating power with prayerful repose.
“The Kyrie is like incense rising up to heaven.” – Paul Salamunovich

Watch and listen on YouTube.

[sample excerpted from A Mass of Life, CD-289 from G.I.A.]

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G.I.A. Publications - Catalog # G-3535

Mass of Life, A

Cantor/SATB/congregation, organ, optional trumpet, opt. brass    [c. 14:30]

This complete Mass, including a setting of Eucharistic Prayer II, synthesizes traditional and contemporary styles. Highly effective brass writing points up its lively rhythmic energy.
“A consistently rewarding, deeply moving work.” ( Jim Svejda, author and classical radio host, The Record Shelf)
“Delicate balance between the festive and the simple. Contrasts are superb.” (Robert Kreutz, composer)

[Excerpt of Gloria from A Mass of Life, G.I.A. #CD-289.]

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