To Music

Word painting of a raw, intense poem by Paul Cummings is the essence of this homage to the miracle of music, which begins: Your harmony invades my being; / my body is captured by the embrace / of a melody that leads me out of dark places.


Te cubrirá

A flowing Spanish setting from Psalm 90 (91): The Lord will overshadow you with his pinions, and you will find refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will encompass you with a shield.


I Think of Thee

This marvelous love poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is dynamically dressed with a rich palette of word painting.


Chorus Angelorum and soloists
Dominic MacAller, conductor
Sacred music collection includes:
A Mass of Life · My Sister My Bride · Pange lingua · May God Bless Us · Mass for 3-Part Men’s Chorus · Jubilee Gloria · Litany of the Holy Spirit · more
“One of those rare contemporary works which manages to be simultaneously provocative, challenging and instantly approachable…a consistently rewarding, deeply moving work by one of the most humane composers of his generation.”
Jim Svejda, classical radio host, producer, author
“The music on this CD is simply terrific – including the performances: what a choir! – and contains some of the finest work I have heard…exceptional writing. ”
Robert Kreutz, (1922-1996), eminent composer
A Mass of Life bids you welcome into the glories of the human voice…the music and the liturgy enhance one another beautifully. There is much to awaken the spirit here…a truly remarkable recording.”
Bonnie Grice, classical radio host, author, librettist